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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why blog about Jesus?

"MAKE A BLOG AND USE IT TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL!" God shouted in my ear. And so I did.

But seriously the idea began last year. After being a frequent reader of several blogs, I wanted to create my own. I had no clue what to blog about, so I blogged about my life. "SL Life" was born and won the award for most boring blog ever. Then i wanted to blog about fashion. The only problem was what I considered fashion was the exact opposite of what was popular. My style is unique; no one is ever wearing what I'm wearing, and I figured that would be another flop. So I went on with my life, without a blog. A couple a months ago, the blog idea came back to me. I knew I wanted to blog about Jesus because my faith was (and still is) one of the main components of my life. However, I was busy with school and other things and it stayed an idea. Just recently I found the time to make it a reality and now I love it.Why "zeta"? I make up words and new uses for words. I use zeta as a replacement for awesome or amazing. "That movie was zeta." Also, I googled "Jesus is zeta" and found no results. It was the perfect name for my blog because it was unique like me.

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